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Captario was founded on a mission to empower businesses to make more proactive, fast, and insightful decisions. The dynamic Captario SUM® SaaS-platform uses advanced modeling and simulation, accelerated by proprietary optimization algorithms to scale across enterprises thus enabling better decision making in real-time. Captario has seen an exploding interest within the pharma industry, currently supporting several of the world’s largest pharma companies.

With headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden and employees around the world, the Captario team is committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. Our team is curious of the unknown, we dare to break new ground, we seek questions that challenge established ways of thinking, and we keep our minds open in order to provide game-changing contributions.


With more than 200 combined years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical space, our team saw first-hand how billion-dollar decisions lacked tool support that leverages modern technology and theory. We knew there had to be a better solution. When we couldn’t find one, we set out to build one instead.


Working hand-in-hand with leaders in the pharmaceutical space, we created one of the most scalable and accurate decision-making tools in the world. Our proprietary and innovative SaaS-platform strives to improve the speed and value of strategic decisions by basing decisions on data from holistic and dynamic end-to-end models of opportunities and portfolios. The models include any and all uncertainties allowing exploitation of potential upsides and mitigation of risks. 

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Case Study PDF's

COVID-19 Portfolio Delay Scenarios

Evaluating Fast Track Opportunities

Clinical Trial Recruitment Impact on Market Order of Entry and Sales

NDA Submission Strategy

Quantitative Disease Area Strategy

Simulation-based Portfolio Forecasts

Scientific Research PDF's

A Modeling Framework For Improved Design & Decision-Making
in Drug Development

Multi-Objective Pharmaceutical Portfolio Optimization
under Uncertainty of Cost and Return

Pharmaceutical Portfolio Optimization under Cost Uncertainty
via Chance Constrained-Type Method

Selection Bias, Investment Decisions and Treatment
Effect Distributions

Do Strict Decision Criteria Hamper Productivity
in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

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