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Optimizing Clinical Performance – A Project Inspired by Moneyball

Welcome to the 7th episode of Data, Pharma, & Fika!

The topic for this episode is inspired by Moneyball, the famous baseball story of how Billy Beane, the General Manager of the Oakland Athletics, used a sophisticated statistical approach called sabermetrics to analyze and obtain undervalued players.

Our guest is Hiro Mori, former Head of Early asset Technology at UCB, the Belgian biopharmaceutical company, whose job is to evaluate technologies in order to optimize clinical performance.

Listen to this exciting episode as our host Stephanie Mardini interviews Hiro about how UCB and Captario partnered up to quantify the effects of clinical trial technologies!

Similar to the story of Moneyball, the goal was to use statistical modeling to analyze digital biomarkers and understand how a clinical trial with a limited budget can be successful.


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