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Minimize Your Risk and Maximize Your Outcome
Through Advanced Simulation Analysis

Captario SUM® provides advanced modeling, simulation, analytics, visualization, and reporting workflows in one seamless solution for decision-making in projects and portfolios. 

Captario SUM® is an analytics tool that enables portfolio analysis and portfolio optimization.

Portfolio Management

Evolve From Value Protection to
Value Creation.

Captario Product Strategy Services for Pharmaceutical - BioPharma Companies

Product Strategy

Better Understand Your Product
by Modeling Reality.

Commercial Strategy Services for Pharmaceutical Assets

Commercial Planning 

Maintain Control Over Your
Commercial Lifecycle.

Kristina Torfgard testimonial about Captario's ability to model strategic options & optimizing drug development program
“Captario's ability to model strategic options and compare them in real-time is very powerful. The tool has helped us to generate exciting new opportunities and ideas about how we can optimize our development program and make ALZ-101 even more attractive to potential partners.”

Kristina Torfgård, CEO Alzinova

Captario SUM® uses Monte Carlo simulation, scenario analysis, risk simulation, and real-time data

Real-Time Insights

Work simultaneously across the company with the same data instead of individually with different information. Captario SUM® allows for real-time updates of new data across all company departments, allowing you to quickly respond to changing circumstances and eliminating the inefficacy of intra-company lag time.

Account for Uncertainty

By using ranges instead of point estimates, Captario SUM® shows you a complete picture when making tough decisions. Furthermore, with our unique sandbox environment you can analyze all possible ‘what if’ scenarios without affecting your baseline environment. When a better outcome is identified, a new baseline is created, optimizing your strategy.

Captario SUM® provides advanced modeling, simulation, analytics, visualization & reporting for decision-making in portfolios
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