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DATA PHARMA & FIKA - EP5: Diversity in STEM - Part 2

The celebration of Diversity continues in Part 2 of our Episode on Diversity in STEM.

For Part 2, we continue our discussions on Diversity in STEM, as our amazing panel explains what commitment to diversity means, what shifts we are seeing now in STEM and what the best thing with STEM is.

Our Panelists: Afshan Hussain - Senior Vice President, Client Services at Fishawack Health. Lisa Pratt - Senior Vice President of Commercial Strategy a biotech firm Sonali Bhavsar - Technology Executive and Managing Director at Big 4 Consulting firm Michelle Scarbrough - Founder of Scarbrough Strategies and Entrepreneur

Listen to Part 2 where our host Stephanie Mardini interviews the panel as they share their stories, explain what STEM has to lose if the barriers aren’t broken down, and seeks to encourage people from different backgrounds and genders to go into STEM!

Please feel free to contact us with feedback or if you feel you can contribute to this Podcast in any way!



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