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The Art of Pharma Decision-Making

At Captario, we have more than 200 years of combined experience handling and optimizing pharmaceutical decisions. For ten years, we have enlightened the pharma industry with the idea that pharma decision-making can be better.

Now, we want to share that knowledge with you. In The Art of Pharma Decision-Making, you will learn firsthand how Captario thinks about making decisions for the pharmaceutical industry, what we believe you can do to extract more knowledge from your data, and what we argue are best practices when it comes to realistically replicating the conditions for a decision in a model.


Evolution of Pharma Decision-Making

Industries are continuously evolving, and the pharma industry is no exception. There are trends impacting the way we think about pharma, how R&D development is conducted, and opportunities for the industry to make an impact on a societal level.

While improving efficiency has been necessary, that alone is not enough. Despite having transitioned to new organizational structures that are more patient-centric, much of the industry remains tied to antiquated information systems, hindering drug development progress.


Download this eBook to learn more about the evolution of the pharma decision process.

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How Pharma is Outdating Itself:
The Need for Continuous Innovation

Modern medicine vitally depends upon the success of pharmaceutical drugs. What does pharmaceutical drug success mean, though?


In essence, it is the perfect intersection of meeting the clinical demands of patients in their time of need without wasting valuable resources. Within the pharma industry, it is well known that drug development is highly complex. The process is nuanced and requires multi-phased approaches involving research and development effectively aligned with long-term commercial planning.


Continuous innovation is gaining valuable traction in an increasingly inert industry. Use this eBook to learn how you can incorporate continuous innovation into building forecasting credibility, make the leap to innovation management, and keep up with this digital transformation.

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