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Captario Spearheads the Pharma Industry Through the Launch of State-of-the-Art Managed Portfolios

Gothenburg, Sweden – Captario, the leading Swedish pharmaceutical strategic decision-making SaaS company, is pleased to announce the launch of Managed Portfolios. Prompted by continued growth and a reinforced commitment to positively impact drug development, this launch further strengthens Captario’s position as the industry leader for strategic portfolio management.

In addition to the existing top-of-the-line features such as conducting risk-adjusted forecasts based on robust uncertainty management and identifying actionable opportunities within the project portfolio, the innovative Managed Portfolios will provide the benefits of:

  • Instantly track and report portfolio changes in a change-log

  • Easily add or remove individual projects based on the portfolio's scope and requirements

  • Globally update templates to reflect new standards, designs, and assumptions

  • Effortlessly compare and assess portfolio changes with previous portfolio versions

  • Assess changes made and ensure reasonableness, with the ability to revert back to previous versions

  • Centralize data from various systems and stakeholders, enabling parallel data entry and integration

  • Streamline the gathering and cleaning of data for significant events, allowing more time for analysis and exploration

Matthew Kokkonen, Director of Client Strategy Management at Captario, has this to say about the launch:

"Our ultimate goal has always been to lead the charge in revolutionizing decision-making in the pharma industry. We firmly believe that by performing our role with excellence, we can rapidly empower our clients to make confident portfolio decisions and effectively address their most intricate and pressing development challenges."

Managed Portfolios clearly demonstrate Captario's commitment to providing effective portfolio resource allocation, strategic alignment, and risk reduction. Ultimately, Captario is driving success for drug development initiatives by enabling pharmaceutical companies to evaluate and prioritize their drug development projects based on strategic fit, potential value, and risk assessment. Now more than ever, clients will be able to leverage the computational power of Captario SUM® to analyze key portfolio factors such as market potential, technical feasibility, and clinical relevance to identify projects with the highest likelihood of success. By and large, Captario’s Managed Portfolios is leaving traditional, and less dynamic forecasting practices that use static values and siloed data for good.

Furthermore, Managed Portfolios ensure alignment with overarching strategic objectives, providing a clear roadmap for decision-making. By implementing a systematic evaluation and prioritization methodology, pharmaceutical companies can mitigate the risk of bias and fosters objective decision-making, resulting in optimal portfolio selection.

Captario is on a mission to help pharma companies make better strategic decisions through our innovative, cloud-based software and professional services. By expanding the maturity of Captario SUM® with Managed Portfolios, Captario aims to deliver tangible value and empower clients to make more informed strategic portfolio decisions.


Captario develops and implements Captario SUM®, a SaaS-based decision analytics platform for individual drug projects and portfolios. Captario SUM® provides real-time answers and the ability to compare a vast magnitude of options based on visual modeling, cross-organizational workflow reporting, and cloud-based simulation, all gathered into one seamless solution. http://www.captario.com


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