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"We keep the speed up
in development of
decision support
for the Pharma industry"

A Major Step-Change in Drug Development

Founded in 2012, Captario enables drug development and commercialization organizations to make better strategic decisions through our innovative cloud-based simulation software, Captario SUM® (Strategic Uncertainty Management). 


With more than 200 combined years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical space, our team saw first-hand how high-risk multi million dollar decisions lacked tool support that leverages modern technology and theory. We knew there had to be a better solution. When we couldn’t find one, though, we set out to build the one. 


Working hand-in-hand with leaders in the pharmaceutical space, we created one of the most scalable and accurate decision-making tools in the world. Our proprietary and innovative SaaS platform strives to improve the speed and value of strategic decisions by basing decisions on data from holistic and dynamic end-to-end models of opportunities and portfolios. The models include any and all uncertainties allowing exploitation of potential upsides and mitigation of risks. 


Captario SUM® combines A.I. and machine learning with multi-dimensional Monte Carlo simulation, enabling unparalleled control, insight, and simulation capabilities for your project or portfolio analysis. 


We are proud to have already supported 1/3rd of the Top 30 Global Pharma organizations and we are only getting started and growing at an exponential rate.

Our Core Values

Captario SUM® (Strategic Uncertainty Management)-drug development - commercialization - cloud-based simulation software


We are committed to making a positive impact on a global scale. We are curious of the unknown, we dare to be pioneers, and we take action in order to provide game-changing contributions. 


We strive to modernize decision-making through innovative software. We constantly look to improve performance,

and we work hand-in-hand with our customers to continually improve and expand our product with a best-in-class service.


We are committed to collaboration internally, with our customers, and with our partners. We act with integrity and transparency. We care about one another and we consistently operate with these principles at our core. 

“Captario SUM® was purpose-built by individuals who deeply understand the need for more proactive, faster, and more insightful decisions in pharma – because most of us were once in our customers’ shoes. We are not just saying we are committed to understanding our customers’ needs, we are truly putting them at the center of our business.” 

Johannes Vänngård, CEO Captario

Meet The Leadership


Johannes Vänngård

CEO and Co-Founder


Magnus Ytterstad

Head of Customer Success


Andreas Colliander



Tobias Falkman

VP Development


Fredrik Caesar

Product Manager


Fredrik Celin


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