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November 22 - 26 | 2021

Captario News of the Week! 💥 🙌🏼 🗞️

🎬 Accelerating Oncology Drug Development – New Modeling Paradigms

– With Captario Head of Big Pharma Strategy, Carlos Nunes, on new drug development paradigms breaking traditional drug development models.

🖥️ Updates in Captario SUM®

– Captario Head of Product Development, Fredrik Caesar, tells us about a couple of the many new features in SUM®.

📙 Clinical Effect – A Key Aspect in Drug Development

– A framework by Captario Head of Science, Stig Johan Wiklund, on why we need to include uncertainty into our models to adequately mirror the circumstances for a decision.

👋 We welcome the newest Captarian, Monika Tahiraj!! – Join our team!

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