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All The Way & Beyond

As a cloud services provider, Captario is committed to maintaining the standards necessary for safeguarding customer data and the operation of our service. We developed Captario SUM® on the Microsoft Azure platform based upon years of working with scalable enterprise security requirements. We then created a layer of security beyond what Azure has provided including firewalls and additional user authentication. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit and all customer traffic is handled using a secure HTTPS with TLS v1.2 (or higher) network connection. We have incorporated several security best-practices into how we manage our people, processes, and technology including the following:




GDPR Compliance

We undergo regular auditing processes to evaluate and maintain our certifications. Our data processing agreement and privacy statement are available for review.

”Ensuring the security of our Customer’s information is ingrained with each Captario employee and it is a top priority for the company at all time and in everything we do.”

Johannes Vänngård, CEO

The Captario Solution
Highly Secure Infrastructure

Captario SUM® is hosted within the Microsoft Azure Virtual Private Cloud and is protected with an extensive set of technologies.

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Data Storage

All customer data is encrypted and stored on scalable and secure Microsoft Azure databases. All network connections in and out of Captario SUM® are securely encrypted with SSL. Data (and backups) can be stored in a specific region upon request from our customers in order to comply with privacy legislation, internal legal requirements, or disaster recovery plans. Data is housed separately for each customer and never comingled within any system process.

Coding, Testing
& Back-Up Practices

The Captario team follows industry standard development and quality assurance practices. Extensive testing and a security audit are completed prior to any code release to assure that Captario SUM® is maintained to the standards our customers expect. In addition, customer and system data are backed up every 5-10 seconds to allow for restoration of data in near real-time. Back-up locations can be specified by region to assure that the data is always available in the event of a wide-spread catastrophe.

Extensive Auditing &
Vulnerability Testing

Microsoft Azure enables governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of Captario SUM® infrastructure and services. In addition, we maintain our own access auditing and monitoring as an added layer to provide a comprehensive event history of our system, user login, and usage. Captario SUM® and its infrastructure undergo frequent and extensive manual penetration tests by both internal resources and third-party vendors. Automated vulnerability scanning is performed on the platform at regular intervals. 

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