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A Pharmaceutical Dynamo Committed to Driving Innovation within Drug Development Joins Captario

Captario, the decision-making SaaS platform company with operations in Europe, Australia, and the United States, is pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Kokkonen to the role of Director, Strategic Account Management. With continued growth across global pharma and biotech companies, this new hire signifies Captario’s deepening commitment to customer delivery in both execution and strategic partnership.

In this role, Matthew will report directly to Captario’s VP of Sales & Marketing, Brooke Duffy, and will serve as the Key Account Manager for a handful of Captario’s customers. In addition, he will be focused on solidifying Captario’s scalable approach to customer management and growth. As Brooke stated:

“Over the last two years, Captario has grown exponentially, and the demand for our solution and expertise is only increasing. We are deeply committed to driving innovation within drug development decision-making, and we know the best way to do this is to put our customers at the center of our business. Matthew is a perfect example of ensuring that we do just that. I am confident that his experience and enthusiasm for where this industry is going will bring Captario to the next level of customer delivery, ultimately driving the highest value for our clients and moving pharma decision-making to the next level.” Brooke Duffy

Before joining Captario, Matthew has held various high-level roles in pharma, including portfolio management, R&D, and consulting positions. Most recently, he served as the Decision Support Leader for the Portfolio Management Committee (PMC) and the key interface to Global Program Teams (GPTs) at Clover Biopharmaceuticals. In addition, Matthew is an industry thought leader, authoring articles, and speaking at various events on topics that push the discussion around innovation in drug development. As Matthew stated:

"I’m really excited to join Captario. The team at Captario is incredible, and Captario’s vision is so timely given the particularly dynamic world in which the pharma business is operating. I look forward to working with our clients to explore innovative and effective ways to achieve max value from the Captario SUM® solution and advance our industry’s ability to make better data-driven decisions." Matthew Kokkonen

To connect with Matthew, visit his LinkedIn.

For more information, contact Captario at team@captario.com.

About Captario

Captario AB develops and implements Captario SUM®, a SaaS-based decision analytics platform for individual drug products and portfolios. Captario SUM® provides real-time answers and the ability to compare a vast magnitude of options based on visual modeling, cross-organizational workflow reporting, and cloud-based simulation, all gathered into one seamless solution. Captario SUM® has quickly grown within several of the world’s top pharma companies, proving its effectiveness for even the most complex business scenarios.

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