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Captario: We are the Change

At Captario, what we do can change the world.

Founded in 2012 with a vision of revolutionizing pharma decision-making, Captario is celebrating its 10th year as a game-changer in the pharma industry. Captario's focus has consistently been on developing our proprietary SaaS platform, Captario SUM®, supported by in-house scientific research on portfolio optimization to meet the goal of finding a more precise and straightforward solution to drug development modeling. We strive to perfect a product that will allow for proactive, expedient, and informed business decisions during any stage of the drug development process.

”A model is a description of reality that can be used for learning or communication. It represents the knowledge of a person or group, including the limits of said knowledge, i.e., uncertainty. A model may also include assumptions regarding future outcomes or actions. By creating several models that each represent different future actions, the difference between the models can generate new knowledge, which can be used in decision-making.” – Mikael Palmblad, Captario Co-founder

Through the Captario SUM® tool, our customers can:

  1. model a dependency-adjusted end-to-end drug development cycle;

  2. account for developmental uncertainty;

  3. access real-time insights across functional silos, and

  4. run countless what-if simulations in a sandbox environment that enables superior decision-making.

At Captario, passion is in everything we do. Our principle is to make our customers successful, as their product is a solution or a cure for patients around the world. Our tools and services enable our customers to make the world better. Could a decision that our clients make with our simulations ultimately help thousands or even millions of people? How can we improve the development processes for picking life-changing solutions? That is how we at Captario can make a difference.

George Merck once said, ”We try never to forget that medicine is for the people.” At Captario, that statement could not be more accurate. For ten years, we have educated the pharma industry with the idea that pharma decision-making can be better. As pharmaceutical drug development processes are complex endeavors, we have to find a solution that caters to the many facets of drug discovery, guiding pharmaceutical companies to see the whole picture and, in the end, be able to advance more successful assets. At Captario, we have done just that. We know that the better we do, the better our global society can do.

We try never to forget that medicine is for the people, and our passion for that purpose fuels our product. The pharma industry needs change to meet the challenges of future drug development.

We are the change.


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