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Portfolio Management

Our Offer

A realistic approach
and fast delivery

In 30 days, we deliver a comprehensive, actionable decision support analysis that addresses your key project strategy questions from a quantitative perspective.  We will create comparable, fully evaluated project design options that cover timelines, risk, value, and cost. 


30 Days to Value
We ensure that your full project analysis report is in your hands within just 30 days—offering you an immediate return on your investment.

Powerful Analysis

Our report provides actionable project strategy analysis, empowering you to become data driven with the power of probabilities.

Competitive Pricing

We offer attractively priced full-service packages that are easily  scaled to accommodate your requirements.

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Our Approach

Two Core Principles


Holistic end-to-end view of the project

Coherently and dynamically connecting parts of the project.

Quantitative model, evaluated using Monte-Carlo simulation.


Explicit appreciation of relevant uncertainty

Costs, durations, sales forecasts, etc.

In particular, the uncertainty of the treatment effect may be paramount.


The slides we show here offer a sneak peek into the diverse analytic views and charts that our state-of-the-art simulations can generate. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We'll customize these analytics to align with your unique priorities, zooming in on areas most crucial to your business.

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We deliver fully evaluated options



Which of the potential indications for the asset should we pursue first? Should we do more in parallel?

Indication selection and sequencing


Should we use a biomarker to develop our drug for a subgroup of patients or go for an “all-comers” strategy?

Subgroup strategy


The clinical team is considering three different options for the Ph3 program. Which option is to be preferred?

Phase 3 design options


Should we develop the drug as a 1st or 2nd line treatment?

Regulatory and commercial positioning


Is there a commercially viable approach to launch the drug in EU, given low price and impact on Asian markets?

Regional launch strategy


Based on expansion cohorts in early oncology project, 
how many responders should we require to warrant further development?

Go/NoGo decision criteria



High Value.
suitable to your needs

Portfolio management, Decision analytics, portfolio analytics


Price per project in a 
targeted engagement



Price per project and annum

Whether your situation warrants a targeted time-boxed delivery of results pertaining to a specific question, or whether a continuous access to our models and expertise is preferred, we have an offer suitable to your organization's needs. With a targeted engagement, we swiftly deliver results for your current strategic question in 30 days, based on a structured approach to model building and data input. Alternatively, continuous adaptation to the ever-changing context of your project is available by engaging Captario as an embedded resource to your project team.


While our methodology excels at navigating the complexities of uncertainty in drug projects, there's nothing uncertain about our pricing. Choose the engagement level that aligns with your needs, and rest assured that the investment will be straightforward and transparent.

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