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Enter the New Era of Clinical Trial Recruitment Planning

Pharmaceutical organizations put significant efforts into assembling data intelligence to gain a competitive advantage for their clinical trial recruitment process. However, the full value of this data gets lost in overly simplistic spreadsheet models. Few have the tools to make the most out of their data intelligence or know how to manage the high degree of uncertainty associated with clinical trial recruitment planning. Until now.

Captario SUM® Clinical Trial Recruitment SaaS Software Module

Knowing Your Outcome Probability Will Change Your Success Rate Dramatically. 

Utilize The Power of Probability Based Decisions

Utilize the computational power of Captario SUM® to increase the level of sophistication for your clinical trial recruitment output data. Leverage your data intelligence to the peak of its ability to model a more effective clinical trial recruitment process and find the optimal solution every step of the way. 


Captario SUM® enables you to easily understand and visualize the dynamics of a clinical trial recruitment process. Spanning holistically from country submissions and site contracting, through screening country-specific recruitment rates and subject randomization, Captario captures the uncertain nature of a clinical trial recruitment process. 


Using your own specific clinical data intelligence, Captario elevates that data by incorporating uncertainty and reflecting it in the simulation output, enabling you to realistically mirror the conditions of your recruitment process and understand the probabilities of process success or failure.

SUM® Clinical Trial Recruitment Module - A Probability Based Tool

Augment Your Intelligence

Easily import and integrate all your available data intelligence, and extract more knowledge about potential recruitment risks from your already assembled data set.

Analyze  Dependencies

Set up a holistic end-to-end study execution model, capture the dependencies between trial duration, cost, and risk, and see how they simultaneously affect each other and the overall eNPV. 

Evaluate Success Probabilities

Establish a model tailored to your clinical trial recruitment process, and measure the probability of meeting your process goals.

Compare Recruitment Strategies

View all potential scenarios for your recruitment process and compare them side-by-side to understand their performance, the inherent probability of each scenario, and customize the scenario analysis as you go. 


Clinical Trial Recruitment Impact


Explore the downstream impacts of clinical trial recruitment delays including understanding impacts on launch timing, competitive positioning within the marketplace, and ultimately sales/NPV.


Using Captario SUM®’s simulation engine, we found that if our client maintains their current recruitment rate, the probability of being first to market is very low. By utilizing our solution, our client was able to quickly and easily identify the specific recruitment rate required to be first to market in this competitive marketplace.

Skärmavbild 2021-05-04 kl. 08.58.27.png
Captario SUM® allows pharmaceutical organizations to visualize the dynamics of clinical trial recruitment planning processes

Customer Success

We care deeply about our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager along with a Technical Analyst, who are backed by our larger team of experts. Our hands-on approach to customer service means that we take the time to understand your business so that we can deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.

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