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Captario Partners with Sobi to Assist Them with Strategic Drug Development Initiatives

Gothenburg, Sweden – Captario is pleased to announce that Sobi®, one of the largest Swedish biopharmaceutical companies developing and providing sustainable access to innovative medicines for the treatment of rare diseases, has stepped ahead of their peers’ digital journey by choosing to partner with Captario in their efforts to increase efficiency in their strategic drug development initiatives.

Captario, a disruptive life science SaaS company based in Gothenburg, Sweden, offers a purpose-built SaaS platform that revolutionizes strategic decision-making during a medicine’s full life cycle. The Captario SUM® platform combines modeling, simulations, and visualizations of assets and portfolios in one dynamic, end-to-end platform that forecasts for all types of risks and uncertainty.

With this partnership, Sobi will leverage cross-functional data and models, real-time dynamic forecasting, and simplified visualizations to make better business-critical decisions. Captario is excited to enable Sobi on their journey to become holistic, proactive, and efficient throughout a medicine’s and portfolio’s full life cycle, while also adding value to their ability to make strategic decisions in regards to the acquisition of late-stage assets, market penetration, and new market analysis.

As Johannes Vänngård, CEO at Captario, says:

”We are delighted that Sobi, especially as a fellow Swedish company, has chosen to partner with us to assist them with decisions of such importance. This is a frontier pharma needs to avoid stagnation, and I am excited about how this partnership will contribute to Captario's, Sobi’s, and Sweden’s, life sciences growth journey.”

Since its inception, Captario has supported strategic decision-making for one-third of the top global pharmaceutical companies, and now has an international presence. This latest partnership together with Sobi not only solidifies Captario’s continued game-changing dominance within the life sciences sector, but also shines a light on the commitment to disruptive innovation that continues to come out of Sweden.

For more information, contact Captario at team@captario.com.

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