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Captario's Global Commitment to the Commonwealth

With the current situation in Ukraine, not only are the lives and security of all its citizens threatened, but so are other critical infrastructural pillars such monetary systems, platforms necessary for expediting aid, and other communicative technologies. At Captario, we take data security extremely seriously.

Who Are Potential Targets?

In case of a cyber-attack, high-risk targets include:

  • Highly regulated industries, eg the pharmaceutical industry

  • The healthcare sector in general

  • Communications companies

  • Financial services businesses

  • Government agencies

  • Cloud services, eg SaaS

  • Third-party service providers

Here are some of the proactive measures we are conducting at Captario in order to fortify the security of our partners information. However, regardless of sector or industry, these are things that should be top of mind and continuously monitored:

  • Check on recent patches and updates to your cybersecurity software

  • Ensure employees are up to date with security training and response plans

  • Insist that all employees are aware of a potential contingency plan, and if needed, implemented and followed

  • Conduct regular network security checks and regulatory requirements for compliance

  • Communicate to employees that this is a time of high alert, and to use extreme caution on all access points

”Here at Captario, there is nothing more important than our people and our data. Captario employees are consistently required to participate in security training. We remain vigilant during this time of extreme unrest.” - Johannes Vänngård, CEO

For more information and additional resources on countering cyber-terrorism, please visit the website of UN’s Office of Cybersecurity.


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