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Captario Introduces New Brand Identity & Website

Captario, the leading pharmaceutical strategic decision-making technology company, is pleased to announce the completion of a major rebranding. Prompted by continued growth and a reinforced commitment to positively impacting drug development, this rebrand serves to deepen Captario’s relationship with its customers, prospects, investors, and employees.

This year we have seen significant growth within Captario, and we are now supporting some of the largest global Pharma companies. Our brand relaunch is the result of the positive trajectory we are on, and represents not only the transformation Captario has done over the last several years, but also the transformation we are contributing to within drug development.” - Johannes Vänngård, CEO

The cornerstone of Captario’s rebrand, its updated company website (http://www.captario.com), now reflects the new brand identity putting heavy emphasis on the company’s thought leadership knowledge, competitive strengths, and product advantages. Featuring product imagery, dynamic case studies, and a brand video highlighting Captario’s core offering and its team, this site aims to captivate interested parties through informative content and a more intuitive navigation.

Captario offers our clients a state of the art solution to simulate drug development processes and use new knowledge to make better decisions. We now launch a strong brand identity to support our efforts and ensure that our brand reflects our own company values while communicating the tremendous value we can bring to our customers.” - Anders Ternesten, Brand Manager

In addition to its website, Captario’s rebrand efforts include updated assets across its sales, marketing, customer success, and product functions; as well as an updated brand slogan, “Capture Your Future.” One thing that remains unchanged since its inception is its brand name, Captario.

Derived from the latin ‘captus’, meaning a thing that is grasped or a capacity to comprehend, and combined with the ending ‘-ario’, common in latin-derived romance languages such as Spanish and Italian, the Captario name perfectly embodies the company’s mission to help Pharma organizations world-wide better understand their business today and well into the future.

With this brand relaunch, Captario is certainly poised to Capture Its Future. Captario encourages everyone to explore the new site at http://www.captario.com.

Want to learn more about the new brand relaunch? Contact Anders Ternesten at anders.ternesten@captario.com.

About Captario Captario AB develops and implements SUM®, a SaaS-based decision analytics platform for individual drug projects and portfolios. Captario SUM® provides real-time answers and the ability to compare a vast magnitude of options based on visual modeling, cross-organizational workflow reporting, and cloud-based simulation, all gathered into one seamless solution. http://www.captario.com


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