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Captario Attending and Sponsoring 15th Annual Biopharma & Medtech PPM Conference

Join us on November 18 - 19 for the 15th Annual Biopharma & Medtech PPM Conference - Why Summits.

On November 18 at 11.30 ET, listen to Captario Head of Big Pharma Strategy, Carlos Nunes, and his presentation; ACCELERATING ONCOLOGY DRUG DEVELOPMENT – NEW MODELING PARADIGMS,

Where he will cover topics like:

  • Oncology projects are often moving to market after FIH trials and rapidly progressing indication expansion opportunities

  • New Drug development paradigms break traditional drug development models

  • He’ll demonstrate options to model expansion and acceleration opportunities

  • Results: Maximize the potential of potential innovative therapies Register here.

Download PDF • 864KB


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