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Captario Launches Professional Services to Further Enable Strategic Decision-Making

Gothenburg, Sweden – Captario, the life science SaaS-platform decision analytics company, announces the launch of Professional Services to further enable strategic decision-making throughout the drug development process.

The Captario proprietary SaaS-platform, Captario SUM® (Strategic Uncertainty Management), is a purpose-built decision analytics tool developed by former pharma professionals who saw a need for proactive, faster, and informed business decisions. Through the use of the Captario SUM® tool, customers can model an end-to-end drug development cycle, account for developmental uncertainty, have access to real-time insights across functional silos, and run countless what-if simulations in a sandbox environment that enables superior decision-making.

Customers now have access to the just launched Professional Services, which serve as extensions of the already existing Captario SUM® subscription, and are being offered in two separate ways:

  1. In conjunction with a subscription to the Captario SUM® platform, enhancing the SaaS platform tools

  2. Independently as a product package to help new or existing customers create immediate decision value, all based on the computational power of the Captario SUM® technology

Captario CEO, Johannes Vänngård, says this about the new addition to the Captario offering:

”It has always been our mission to make a major step-change in decision-making within pharma – and that’s what SUM® does today. With a talented team that hold a variety of essential competencies such as advanced statistics, applied mathematics, data analytics, and decision theory, we feel confident that our Professional Services offering will further expand our ability to collaborate individually with customers and answer their most pressing and complex development questions.”

The Captario Professional Services offering span the entire drug development life cycle from early-stage to late-stage product and portfolio needs, and can help answer questions such as:

  • What is the ideal study design to maximize product value and investment decisions?

  • What is the best launch sequence across different markets?

  • Can we achieve our long-term goals (e.g. revenue, profitability, value creation) with our current portfolio and already launched products?

Professional Services further solidify that no matter where a pharma company is in its drug development journey, Captario can help – with a team that strives to make a positive impact on a global scale. As a testament to this, a Top 50 Pharma customer recently acknowledged:

”The partnership with Captario has, since the beginning with a Proof of Concept, been outstanding… we only wish we had more vendor partnerships like this!”


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