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Experience The Combined Power of Expertise And Simulation

We know that drug development is a highly uncertain and risky endeavor given multiple development and commercialization outcomes. To accurately prioritize and crystalize the long-term strategies for new projects, it is essential to understand the potential of all projects across a portfolio in order to make informed and optimal portfolio decisions.


Powered by Captario SUM®, our professional services team supports you by establishing an effective portfolio strategy, mitigating challenges like: 

Substantial uncertainty
in early-stage projects

A multitude of possible development paths

Interdependencies that make early projects hard to represent in static spreadsheet modelling

Our Approach


The Captario team holds a variety of essential competencies, including advanced statistics, applied mathematics, data analytics, and decision theory. 


Our experienced analysts will:


1. Guide you to superior decision-making


2. Assess how to deliver new medicines fast and cost-effectively


3. Determine the best path forward for your product or portfolio based on the output results from our informed analysis


Captario uses a three-phase process when analyzing your portfolio:

1. Align the problem and engagement to leverage Captario SUM®

2. Leverage the modeling and simulation capabilities of Captario SUM® 

3. Provide answers to your key questions with customized visualizations and outputs from Captario SUM®


Apply any desired level of modeling rigor fit for your specific questions:

1. Basic Modeling: Models reflect single point assumptions, simple ranges of inputs, and fixed time series of data

2. Expression-Based Modeling: Modeling practices based on expressions and interdependencies

3. Advanced Statistical Modeling: Application of advanced statistical principles from independent biostatistics experts

Download Case Studies

Simulation-Based Portfolio Forecasts

A portfolio revenue forecast based on simulations is used, explaining how simulations can elevate portfolio analysis.

COVID-19 Portfolio Delay Scenarios

How will trial delays impact the ability to deliver the R&D portfolio. Looking at delay impacts on value, launches and sales.

Quantitative Disease Area Strategy

Starting with describing a baseline portfolio, we then show a couple of examples on how to assess improvement strategies.

Understand All Your Portfolio Interdependencies

Captario SUM® provides a full understanding of all the drug products in your portfolio, what cause and effect they might have on each other during the development process, and how that ultimately affects the overall value of your portfolio.


The result: Deliver on your long-term goals, prioritize between development projects, and ensure that you are always optimizing your portfolio strategy.

Captario Portfolio Strategy Services to Optimize Drug Development with Advanced Analytics
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