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Evolve from Value Protection to Value Creation

Portfolio management for drug development is no easy task. Whether your company’s drug is first or fifth to market hugely impacts your ability to reap market share. In order to maximize the value and efficacy of your portfolio you’ll need a complete understanding of several factors like:

Understanding portfolio

risk like time & cost 

Having plans for
‘what-if’ scenarios 

Order of
market entry

The Captario Solution

Captario SUM® was created for an easier strategic decision-making process.
Our state-of-the-art SaaS platform was designed for:

in real-time.

Share data, analyses, and predictions; and when a decision is made, the whole company is instantly aware of the impact on their work. This results in better optimized decisions, better communication across all organization departments, and increased understanding for employees of the impact of their decisions on the rest of the company. All in real-time, eliminating information lead time & increasing portfolio management efficiency.

Full traceability
over time.

Track changes in your portfolio and their effects on dependent variables like launch timing, cost, and risk. By tracking how data is changing, providing incremental version control, and with a large array of visualizations to better understand and communicate how your assets are evolving and you’ll always have a record of the justifications for any changes in course.

Evaluate all possible
portfolio outcomes.

To better represent reality, Captario SUM® uses ranges and point estimates to analyze portfolio data inputs and outputs. Since forecasting is a process aimed at getting uncertainty in the output of your calculations, Captario SUM® represents that risk in its models by incorporating it in the input. Forecasts can then be simulated and modified to evaluate many different kinds of scenarios and forecast input variables.

scenario simulations.

With Captario SUM®, you can construct a model for any kind of portfolio, withdrawing or adding new variables to better understand the impact and effect of variable interdependencies. Being an iterative simulation software, models can be run as many times as desired, tweaking them in order to better understand model differences, and which portfolio decisions to implement in your strategy going forward.


COVID-19 Portfolio Impact


Our large pharma company with a robust clinical portfolio started seeing delays with no end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight and wanted to understand the impact on portfolio value and risk.


We added delay scenarios in our system. Simulations were run with the delay across all projects set at 0, 3, 6, and 9 months and created a number of customized visualizations that specifically addressed the questions at hand. 

Captario's portfolio management solutions for drug development processes allow you to plan for "what-if" scenarios

Customer Success

We care deeply about our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager along with a Technical Analyst, who are backed by our larger team of experts. Our hands-on approach to customer service means that we take the time to understand your business so that we can deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.

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