Guiding Decisions Across the Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past 20 years, the pharmaceutical industry has been faced with more rigorous testing standards, shrinking margins and increased competition. Captario SUM® has been purpose built to address these changing circumstances. Captario SUM® partners are using SUM to get a better understanding of cost, risk, timing and potential revenue across their portfolio, which helps them make better strategic decisions about investments in their R&D portfolios.

Captario SUM® Answers Questions Such as:

  • What projects should we invest in given budget constraints?

  • How much money is it worth spending to speed up a trial?

  • What can go right and wrong with our investment? 

  • What are the optimal actions to improve our investment? 

  • What is the ideal number of new projects needed to meet our long-term goals?

  • Ideal # of study patients to maximize value?

  • If we alter our investment strategy within or portfolio, what opportunities and risks come as a consequence?


…and many more

Captario SUM® is Purpose Built to Overcome the Limitation of Current Solutions by Offering Several Key Capabilities to The Pharmaceutical Industry.


Use Ranges in Any Assumption to Capture Operational Risks

Delays and cost increases are common in drug development. By using ranges or functions when making assumptions about the future Captario SUM® users can capture these operational risks into their modeling. The result is a much more robust forecast that will capture not just the ideal project outcome, but also the most likely outcomes.


Holistic Project Representation

Captario SUM® allows users to capture the entire life cycle of drug development assets. This includes R&D but also the post launch market stage. This means that all decisions made for the R&D will have a down-stream effect. For instance, a 6 month delay in phase 2 compliance will not only delay the start of phase 3, it will also delay the launch and potentially have a negative effect on market share in the dynamic market model.


Seamless Management of Assets and Portfolios

The ability to connect decisions made for individual assets or the entire portfolio to all other assets. This allows the Pharmaceutical Industry to know the impact a single decision on the entire business in near real-time.


Sandbox Environments That Boost Creativity

The ability to take the current outlook of an asset or an entire portfolio and isolate it to run “what-if” scenarios. This enables the Pharmaceutical Industry to look at changes in the market, the asset or a company’s circumstances and determine what the impact will be and how to best optimize for the future.


Flexible, Consistent and Efficient Asset Data Collection

We know drug development and we know what tools you use. Captario SUM® has the ability to integrate with  your most common tools such as Excel, project management and financial systems into one consistent, holistic view of an individual asset or portfolio. This enables the Pharmaceutical Industry to share data collaboratively and develop predictions based upon assumptions the organization universally recognizes as accurate.


Expansive Simulation Capability 

The ability to run millions of simulations in minutes to reveal the underlying risks and opportunities across all of the possible development and market outcomes. This enables the Pharmaceutical Industry to scale quickly to any situation and understand the immediate impact of decisions and how they fit with desired objectives.

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