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Maximum Market Value Requires Strategic Commercial Planning

Successfully bringing a pharmaceutical asset to market requires a strong commercial strategy. With a high correlation to activities and decisions taken during clinical development, constructing an effective commercial strategy is contingent on a thorough understanding of all potential outcomes of your development projects, both internally as well as across the target market opportunity, including key risks, benefits, and uncertainties.


However, quantitatively capturing the risks, benefits, and uncertainties of any clinical study is difficult to do with common excel-based modeling practices. Instead, potential commercial outcomes should seamlessly integrate with the upstream clinical development plan. Assessing an asset's commercial strategy early and often can have a profound impact not only on the upstream clinical development plan, but also on the overall value of the project. Our professional services team will address major challenges like:

Project models that don't integrate end-to-end development and commercial

Hard to compare scenarios for different market access sequences and scope

Current models rely heavily on theory and often reflect ‘wishful thinking’

Our Approach


The Captario team holds a variety of essential competencies, including advanced statistics, applied mathematics, data analytics, and decision theory. 


Our experienced analysts will:


1. Guide you to superior decision-making


2. Assess how to deliver new medicines fast and cost-effectively


3. Determine the best path forward for your product or portfolio based on the output results from our informed analysis


Captario uses a three-phase process when analyzing your portfolio:

1. Align the problem and engagement to leverage Captario SUM®

2. Leverage the modeling and simulation capabilities of Captario SUM® 

3. Provide answers to your key questions with customized visualizations and outputs from Captario SUM®


Apply any desired level of modeling rigor fit for your specific questions:

1. Basic Modeling: Models reflect single point assumptions, simple ranges of inputs, and fixed time series of data

2. Expression-Based Modeling: Modeling practices based on expressions and interdependencies

3. Advanced Statistical Modeling: Application of advanced statistical principles from independent biostatistics experts

Download Case Studies

Evaluating Fast Track Opportunities

How can simulations elevate portfolio analysis.

NDA Submission Strategy

How will delays impact portfolio value, launches, and sales.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Impact

How to use quantitative methods to influence or support disease area strategies.

Case Study

Optimizing Asset Value: A Study of Launch Strategies in the EU

Captario's strategy services help companies define and execute successful commercialization plans for drug products

Captario SUM® can among many other things help make sense of the uncertainty of pricing and reimbursement when launching a new asset on the market. Read how Captario supported a customer in developing an EU launch strategy that captured the uncertainty of country launch sequences and the impact of pricing and reimbursement decisions.

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