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Presenting Our New Head of Big Pharma Strategy - Carlos Nunes!

Captario is pleased to announce the appointment of Carlos Nunes as Head of Big Pharma Strategy. With more than 20 years of biopharmaceutical research and development experience, Carlos’ appointment to Captario demonstrates the organization’s continued focus and commitment to helping improve decision-making in pharma in order to achieve optimal business results and patient outcomes.

A true digital innovator, Carlos has spent the last 12 years as Director, Portfolio and Decision Analysis at Pfizer maturing portfolio decision platforms and capabilities while guiding and shaping the state of Pfizer’s mid-to-late-stage R&D portfolio investments. His breadth of experience includes strategic decision making through such events as phase progressions, corporate acquisitions, asset divestures, and corporate reshaping. Carlos also actively supported the progress and market launch of several new medicines and vaccines during his tenure at Pfizer.

Based in Lisbon, Portugal, Carlos will co-report to Captario’s CEO, Johannes Vänngård and Captario’s Head of Customer Success & Advanced Analytics, Magnus Ytterstad. Working collaboratively, Carlos will work towards establishing Captario SUM® as a standard tool for strategic decision making in drug development assets and portfolios. This will incorporate the development of new client partnerships, the oversight of new customer implementations, and cultivating exceptional customer experiences. In addition, Carlos will play an integral role collaborating with the product development team to enhance Captario SUM® to further ensure optimal fit with the needs of medium to big sized pharma enterprises.

As Captario CEO, Johannes Vänngård, stated, “Captario SUM® was purpose-built by individuals who deeply understand the need for more proactive, faster, and more insightful business decisions - because most of us were once in our customers’ shoes. Bringing Carlos onboard, with decades of experience from one of the largest and most prestigious pharma organizations, proves our commitment to not just understanding our customers’ needs, but truly putting them at the center of our business.

From its inception, Captario SUM® has seen significant growth within the pharma industry, as decision making is a key factor to successful drug development. This includes how to optimize individual drug projects and how to prioritize them in a portfolio setting with speed and efficiency. With real-time modeling, simulation, and analysis capability, Captario SUM® has quickly grown within several of the world’s top pharma companies, proving its effectiveness for even the most complex business scenarios.

As Carlos stated, “I’ve spent more than a decade helping to make investment decisions in pharma R&D and developing tools and resources that better enable these decisions. As I see it, Captario SUM® has matured to be the leading R&D portfolio decision management solution today. The most successful pharma companies will recognize Captario as an essential component to their boardroom planning and decision processes. Having sat on the other side, I’m excited and honored to be a part of the team that is helping pharma to move faster, smarter, and more effectively into the future.”

To connect with Carlos visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/nunes/


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