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How Do You Prioritize Your Portfolio?

Lately, Captario has engaged in several conversations with portfolio specialists and stakeholders where the topic of early vs late has come up. These conversations can be boiled down to the following two questions:

  • How can we differentiate between early projects when we have little or no information about cost, timelines, risks, or revenue?

  • How do we show the value of having an early portfolio in relation to the (much more valuable) late portfolio?

For example, if we focus on value and PTRS for the entirety of the portfolio, only late-stage projects will get prioritized (left-hand chart in the picture below). We will have a similar result if we group projects by TA (top-right chart).

On the other hand, if we group projects based on which phase of development they are in, or by time to launch, we can compare the merits and flaws of projects with similar risk profiles and time to market (bottom right chart). This will enable us to focus on critical projects across the entire value chain.


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