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What Are Your Go-To Charts to Show Risk? 

Some time ago, Captario Head of Analytics, Magnus Ytterstad, presented on Why Summits, where there was a good discussion about illustrating portfolio risk as shown below in Figure A.

The left-hand charts show product-level metrics and inform product contribution to portfolio launches and revenue. These charts are suitable for selecting and prioritizing assets. Since the data is split by asset, companies often choose to show expected (or single point) outputs.

The charts on the right focus on the portfolio and do not show individual products. Instead, they show what this composition of products will do to the number of launches and potential revenue. By omitting the asset dimension, it’s possible to focus on the uncertainty in potential outcomes, and the diagrams also convey more of the risks involved.

Still, pharma companies tend to focus on the charts that show assets and asset-level metrics. Truly, a combination of asset and portfolio-level charts is needed in a portfolio review to help stakeholders understand what is going on and make the best possible decisions.

What are your go-to charts to show risk?

Figure A.


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