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What are Your Go-To Charts in a Portfolio Review?

It is essential to illustrate the best and most realistic forecast in a portfolio review. It is equally important to analyze how the portfolio has evolved, and how value, risk, cost, and timelines have progressed. A good way of doing this is to compare metrics between portfolio versions.

Here are a couple of visuals that resonate well with stakeholders:

Upper Left: This chart shows how product plans have evolved. For example, Basil has encountered trouble and has been delayed by at least a year compared to six months ago. Products Cardamom, Chive, and Cinnamon are consistently delivering to plan.

Upper Right: This shows individual product contributions to overall value and their changes over time. Product Caper has dramatically increased value, and product Basil has lost a third of its value in the last six months.

Bottom Chart: This is a traditional launch profile chart showing expected launches according to product plans.

Supplement these with a couple of cost and risk exposure charts and it is a foundation for telling the story about this portfolio.

What are your go-to charts in a portfolio review? How would you use these charts?


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