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CREATE IT. PROVE IT. MERGE IT. – Panel Discussion Webinar

Join in for a panel discussion webinar together with AstraZeneca and Alzinova, hosted by Captario. The focus is on the gap in resources between big and small pharma companies, how small pharma companies today are mitigating this gap and what needs to be done to meet the expectations of big pharma companies.

Key questions to be addressed include:

  • What kind of collaborations are there to consider between small & big pharma? Partnerships, licensing, mergers and acquisitions?

  • What is required in a due diligence process? What does the due diligence lifecycle look like?

  • How should the small pharma company prioritize with limited resources?


  • Per Hillertz, AstraZeneca

  • Kristina Torfgård, Alzinova

  • Emma Samuelsson, Captario


  • Jamie Smith


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