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Ten Years of Pioneering
Pharma Decision Making

Let's Celebrate!

Founded in October 2012 with a vision of revolutionizing pharma decision-making, Captario is now celebrating its tenth year as a pioneer of pharma decision optimization. No longer is our vision just a vision. Transforming the pharma industry is something that is taking place right now. We know this because we are leading the change by:

Revolutionizing pharma drug development decision-making
Working with the world’s largest pharma companies
Bringing together functional siloes in big pharma
Integrating development and commercial departments


At Captario, we aspire to be world-class in everything we do. It’s who we are.
For ten years, we have been pushing the limits of what is possible, and of course,
this is cause for celebration! 

To celebrate the tenth anniversary, Captario has planned a ten-day video series of speak-easy sitdowns with various Captarians, hosted by Karl Rahn. Starting on October 12th, these chats will have different topics premiering each day until October 25th. 


Join us for our ten-day event, where we will showcase upcoming features of Captario SUM®, debut thought leadership, pick the brains of our fellow Captarians, and reveal some exciting news!



The Spark

Igniting the Mission of Transforming
a Whole Industry

Join in as host Karl Rahn starts off the ten-day celebration video series by interviewing Captario's founding team!


Back in 2009, Captario founders Johannes Vänngård, Ingela Nylander, Mikael Palmblad, and Fredrik Celin saw that to optimize a drug development process, you must be able to integrate business functions, consider the whole product life cycle, and understand the impact of uncertainty and dependencies. When they could not find such a solution, they agreed that they would build one. The first step to founding Captario was taken.



"We are truly pioneering the field of decision-making, and a big reason for that is all our Captarians! Our passion is the ever-so-valuable intangible part of our company, and we make Captario what it is today."

Anastasia Danopoulou, Senior Analyst


One Big Idea.
One Revolutionary Solution.

The idea of Captario SUM® is simple. In reality, the mechanics of it is something revolutionary and previously not thought of within the pharma industry. 

But why is Captario SUM® so revolutionary? Why has this not been done before? And now ten years later, how is Captario transforming the ways of strategic decision-making? 


Join our host Karl Rahn as he once again welcomes Captario CEO, Johannes Vänngård, to the studio to talk about the idea behind Captario SUM®. 

Join Our Scavenger Hunt!
Win a 4-Hour Workshop!

To celebrate our anniversary, we of course want to include you in our celebration! To do so, we decided to do a digital scavenger hunt!


Somewhere on our website, we have hidden a small version of our celebratory logo that you see at the head of this page. Locate the logo, click on it, and take part in the raffle to win a 4-hour workshop with us.


Tell Your Story.
Model The Reality.

There is a saying at Captario that states ”If you can tell the story, we can model it.”  But what does telling the true story for your model mean?

Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario Senior Analysts Shaineze Afir and Anastasia Danopoulou about how it is possible to describe our reality in quantitative terms, why telling the true modeling story can influence the decision-making process, and how in the end it will enable success.

"Every day is different, every client is different. That is the part I love about Captario. Our passion fuels the product."

Anna Sarkisyan, Senior Analyst


Predict Tomorrow.
Simulate Today.

At Captario, we emphasize that leveraging simulation and uncertainty is important. But why is it important? And what value is there in understanding uncertainty?


Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario Co-founder Mikael Palmblad and Senior Analyst Emma Samuelsson about how understanding uncertainty can reveal possible risks and opportunities.

Book Release

The Art of Pharma
Decision Making


At Captario, we have more than 200 years of combined experience handling and optimizing pharmaceutical decisions. For ten years, we have enlightened the pharma industry with the idea that pharma decision-making can be better.

For our tenth anniversary, we want to share that knowledge with you. In The Art of Pharma Decision-Making, you will learn firsthand how Captario thinks about making decisions for the pharmaceutical industry, what we believe you can do to extract more knowledge from your data, and what we argue are best practices when it comes to realistically replicating the conditions for a decision in a model.


Dimensional Modeling.
A New Era of
Forecasting Computation.

Dive into the next big thing within pharmaceutical modeling practices. Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario's product developers, Marcus Aurén and Hampus Hallman, to talk about dimensional modeling! What is dimensional modeling? How does it work? And why is this the next step? 

Watch to learn more about the subject, hear how it will affect pharmaceutical decision-making in the future, and understand the core basics of how it works!

Book Review IG Story.png

Hampus' Idea:

A New Generation of Modeling.

Are you intrigued by the applications of dimensional modeling and how Captario SUM® can answer your most complex questions?

If so, schedule a chat with us so we call tell you more about the perks of utilizing dimensional modeling in your modeling efforts!


Dependencies Matter.
Understand the Impact.

How are your decisions connected? And how does our approach affect our decisions?

Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario Head of Analytics, Magnus Ytterstad, and Senior Analyst Emma Samuelsson, on the topic of dependencies and perspectives. Tune in as they discuss how to accurately model with dependencies and understand the value of incorporating all kinds of relationships between model entities. 

Book Review IG Story.png
"The people we have at this company are so smart, so intelligent, and so experienced. Just sitting in a room with them you can kind of absorb a lot of information."

Avi Garg, Senior Analyst


Think Holistic.
Enable Collaboration.

What does it mean to be holistic? What are the effects of having a holistic decision analysis tool?

Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario Director of Strategic Account Management, Matthew Kokkonen, to talk a little bit about how holistic approaches can be game-changing for effective decision analysis and what we can do today that we could not do before. 

Book Review IG Story.png

Matthew's Job:

Secure a Smooth Transition to Next-Level Modeling Practices!

Do you find the applications of holistic modeling exciting?

Schedule a quick chat with us, we will tell you more about how Captario can help you take your modeling practices to the next level!


We will also send a bottle of bubbly your way so we can celebrate the anniversary together!*

*Location restrictions apply.


Play the Sandbox.
Increase Your Creativity.

Is creativity important for drug development? How do you go about nurturing creativity?

Tune in together with our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario's Director of Strategic Account Management, Matthew Kokkonen, and head of Sales and Marketing, Brooke Duffy!


Together they talk about what it means to be creative in drug development and how modeling in a sandbox environment helps drug development creativity.

Book Review IG Story.png
"At Captario we are very committed to our principles of integrity, transparency, and camaraderie. Even though we are located all over the world, you can still feel that we are all part of one team with a common goal."

Radwan Donval, Senior Analyst


A Single Platform.
Multiple Applications.

Captario SUM® is only one tool. However, we discovered that it can have many uses – uses that we previously did not intend for. 

Join our host Karl Rahn as he interviews Captario Head of Analytics, Magnus Ytterstad, and Customer Success Manager, Stephanie Mardini, on the topic of the many uses for Captario SUM®. Listen to them talk about how they apply Captario SUM® in new ways, and what exciting opportunities it allows them to work on!

Book Review IG Story (1).png

Stephanie & Stig-Johan Did It Differently:

Took Inspiration From Moneyball to Analyze Digital Biomarkers!

Learn how they in collaboration with UCB applied Captario SUM® to quantify the effects of clinical trial technologies, analyze digital biomarkers, and understand how a clinical trial with a limited budget can be successful.


Our Pharma Outlook.
Capture Your Future.

The BIG FINALE of our ten-year celebration series is here!


Join our host Karl Rahn for the last time as he ties up the last episode by inviting our head of Sales and Marketing, Brooke Duffy, and Captario CEO, Johannes Vänngård, to the studio!

We have talked a lot during the series about our past. But what about the future? That is something we will be discussing today. Also, there might be a revelation of some sort; who knows….? Watch to find out!

"Captario is rewriting the rules of what it means to make strategic decisions. I am so proud of our talented team, and it feels even more exciting that this is only the beginning of what Captario can do."

Johannes Vänngård, CEO and Co-founder

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