Johannes Vänngård

CEO, Founder and visionary of Captario

An entrepreneur with experience creating innovative, technology-driven companies designed to enable new business value to the pharmaceutical community, Johannes has a long history as an independent consultant in big pharma, striving to improve ways of working in drug development.

Erik Post, PhD

CFO & President Captario US

Prior to joining Captario, Erik was most recently Vice President, Head of Business Development with Handelsbanken Sverige, where he was involved in exploring new business opportunities, improving work efficiency processes, business continuity planning and recovery and resolution planning.

Magnus Ytterstad, M.Sc.

Vice President of Analytics

To understand and support clients’ portfolio management needs, Magnus participates in industry events and engages with customer portfolio leaders. Prior to joining Captario, Magnus was Portfolio Lead at Astrazeneca, where he led a portfolio of R&D projects.
     Magnus holds a Master of Science in Mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems.

Stig-Johan Wiklund, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Stig-Johan brings to Captario a creative and innovative statistical and analytical approach to drug development. His strong sense of strategic direction and business priorities are not only paramount to Captario, but also to the Captario clients he interacts with on a regular basis. 
     Stig-Johan's passion and core expertise revolve around drug development design, modeling and simulation to support strategic decisions with expertise in market strategies.

Fredrik Caesar

Vice President, Chief Product Owner

With more than 20 years of experience helping technology organizations scale up and reach their potential growth quickly, Fredrik brings the visions of Captario to life. His responsibilities revolve around the creation of highly-capable software products and solutions for customers around the globe.

Mikael Palmblad

Co-Founder & Chief Evangelist

With an education in engineering physics, Mikael has 35 years of experience in information technology and 20 years in pharma R&D. 
     Prior to co-founding Captario in 2012, Mikael was a Senior Portfolio Analyst at AstraZeneca.


Mahboubeh Farid, PhD

Senior Optimization Researcher

As an expert in mathematical modeling, computational optimization and operation research, Mahboubeh works closely with the Chief Scientific Officer to drive forward scientific research projects at Captario. 
     Mahboubeh received her Ph.D in Applied Mathematics from Universiti Putra Malaysia and Master of Science in Applied Mathematics from University Tabriz. 

Emma Samuelsson

Senior Decision Analyst

With a strong analytical and business intelligence background, Emma is a statistician with professional experience in R&D, data science, business analytics, portfolio management, business intelligence and data warehousing. She received her Master of Science in Statistics from Linkoping University.

John McClure

Head of Client Solutions/ Relationships

As Global Head of Client Solutions with Captario, John is responsible for driving new business growth while developing deeper strategic partnerships.
     John brings a wealth of experience to the life sciences industry and utilizes Software as a Service (SaaS)-based technology solutions to overcome industry challenges.

Anders Ternesten

Marketing Manager

Leading the company’s marketing initiatives at a global level Anders specializes in engaging clients with solutions, campaigns and thought leadership initiatives. Throughout more than two decades of marketing industry experience, Anders has held leading creative roles with expertise in brand analysis, film production and event design for executive management clients.