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Captario SUM®

Captario SUM® enables you to maximize the value of your projects and entire portfolio by holistically analyzing your decision options in terms of revenue, cost, time and risk. It blends a Monte Carlo simulation engine with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and expansive visualizations to enable you to predict the outcome of decisions and changes that might influence your projects.

Seamless Project and

Portfolio Management

Captario SUM® was created to manage strategic decision making in both projects and portfolios. A unique feature in its design is that it can share data, analysis and predictions between projects and portfolios in real-time. Outcomes of one project can affect other projects or the portfolio as a whole. This allows the team of one project to make decisions with a view of the greater good. Additionally, when a decision is made, the other projects and the portfolio manager are made aware of the impact on their work.

The result is better optimized decisions, improved outcomes, far better communication throughout the organization as well as employees who understand the impact of their decisions on the rest of the organization.

Industry Leading

Modeling & Simulation

Captario SUM®’s modeling and simulation engine has been designed to scale with your business. At its foundation is a Monte Carlo simulator which will accommodate millions of simulations in minutes allowing thousands of variables to be analyzed. Furthermore, when simulations have been run, they can be immediately evaluated against prior program and portfolio decisions enabling you to understand the implications of change to all aspects of an organization. 


The result is that teams across the entire company can quickly evaluate the future of their projects and the implications of those analyses can be reviewed and evaluated against the modeling and simulations run across the entire company. This leads to more accurate predictions, better decisions and superior outcomes, all in real-time.

Unique Sandbox


Captario has built, from the ground up, a unique sandbox environment which enables you to evaluate an unlimited number of “what if” scenarios against your project or portfolio in real-time. This is designed to provide you with the capability to quickly respond to changing situations and new data and optimize your response not only for a single project but for the entire company. Once you have identified your best path forward, you can then transfer this new understanding to operate as your new plan.


The result is that you can not only accommodate changes quickly but also report those changes to the rest of your organization after you have decided upon your best, path forward.

Artificial Intelligence

and Machine Learning

Captario SUM® has combined its simulation platform with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning (ML) to provide highly curated data and unparallelled analysis of potential outcomes. One example is Captario’s novel portfolio optimization that identifies the optimal selection of projects maximizing portfolio value while taking into account project dependencies, budget constraints and risk tolerance.

The result is more accurate project and portfolio predictions with greater applicability to your business goals.

Data Collection

and Curation

Captario SUM® has been designed to reduce the data fragmentation that comes from having multiple repositories. It dynamically captures project data and returns simulated results in real-time through decision trees, Gantt charts, P&Ls and much more. This provides a collaboration hub for teams to get an updated view of the asset, tracing and discussing changes, creating a shared understanding across business functions and across the asset’s life cycle.

With Captario SUM, teams can share one consistent and holistic view of an asset and significantly improve communication and efficiency.

Advanced Visualization

of Data and Predictions

Captario SUM® has a powerful visualization engine, designed to present your data and predictions using graphics that your audience find compelling. All the visualizations can be modified at will to accommodate any mix of variables and presentation styles. 

With Captario SUM®, you can present your data and decisions in any style you need to better reach your audience.

Traceability of Projects

and Portfolios

Captario SUM® provides complete traceability over the entire lifecycle of a portfolio or an individual asset. It is designed to help you understand the changes over time, the underlying causes for these changes and the impact they have over the life of your projects.


Captario SUM® enables project and portfolio traceability by tracking how data is changing, providing incremental version control, and an incredible array of visualizations to understand and communicate how your assets are evolving.


With Captario SUM®, you will always know when and why a decision was made and have a record of the justifications for any change in course.

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