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30 April, 2021

Episode 5:
Diversity in STEM - Part 2

The celebration of Diversity continues in Part 2 of our Episode on Diversity in STEM. 

Here we continue our discussions on Diversity in STEM, as our amazing panel explains what commitment to diversity means, what shifts we are seeing now in STEM and what the best thing with STEM is.


26 February, 2021

Episode  2:
Medication Non-Adherence

Non-Adherence in clinical trials can cause a multitude of consequences - for the patient, for the pharmaceutical company and ....

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30 April, 2021

Episode 4:
Diversity in STEM - Part 1

Studies show that women are underrepresented in the STEM fields. To shed awareness of this, we have created a panel episode of 4 amazing women with different backgrounds, eager to share their experiences with STEM!


27 January, 2021

Episode 1:

Machine Learning

Mats Jirstrand from Fraunhofer-Chalmers Centre joins us in this digital meeting. Mr Jirstrand talks about the use of Machine Learning in various industries....


30 March, 2021

Episode 3:
Alzheimer's Vaccine & Early Stage Projects

What if there was a vaccine for Alzheimer´s? The episode guest is Ingela Nylander, Development Project Director at Alzinova.