Covid-19: Rapid Scenario Evaluation

Through the initiative Rapid Scenario Evaluation (RSE), pharma companies can apply for an evaluation of a drug development project or portfolio that has been impacted by the pandemic. Based on input (e.g. via Excel) from the customer, Captario creates an end-to-end model and evaluates different mitigation scenarios. The analysis is returned in no more than 1-3 days from the day of input arrival. To maximize speed Captario delivers the Rapid Scenario Evaluation with a CDA in place and free of charge. After completion all data is securely deleted.


- Today’s turmoil has considerable impact on the development of new medicines and it radically changes the conditions for decision making. I know that Captario can make a big difference here, so we started the “Rapid Scenario Evaluation” initiative. We have already helped several big pharma companies in these challenging times, and we are working diligently to be able to help many more.

Johannes Vänngård
CEO Captario

R&D challenges in the current turmoil
Starting up or progressing a clinical study is becoming ever harder as clinics put focus elsewhere. On an ongoing basis pharma companies now need to assess development impacts and take the proper actions. The turn-around time for analysis and scenario evaluation has gone from weeks and months to instead hours and days. This puts an enormous pressure on both project analysts and supporting tools. Captario's analysts are ready to help!


Case study
A big pharma company reached out to Captario with a development project that was impacted by the current turbulence. Senior management had requested evaluation of three different project scenarios:  

  • Continue as before
  • Pause the study
  • Terminate the study and restart later

The meeting was the next day in the afternoon. Working together with the project team and leveraging the dynamic and agile capabilities of Captario SUM, an end-to-end analysis of the three scenarios was delivered in time. It was very well received, and an informed decision was made.

Get Started!

Captario demonstrates a complete cycle of the Rapid Scenario Evaluation, from model creation to scenario analysis. Sign-up here


Apply for Rapid Scenario Evaluation (free of charge)
Based on input (e.g. Excel) from a customer project team, Captario creates an end-to-end model and evaluates different scenarios. The analysis is returned within 1-3 days. To maximize speed Captario delivers the Rapid Scenario Evaluation free of charge. The only administration needed is a CDA. Apply here


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