Through the “Rapid Scenario Evaluation” we provide answers to pressing questions in a drug project or portfolio through a full scenario evaluation within 1-3 days - free of charge.

A senior analyst from Captario will work together with the customer project team. Captario has formed a working process that minimizes the required time and effort from the customer team. Instead the workload is put on Captario to deliver the full analysis.
The steps below describe the process for Rapid Scenario Evaluation:

  1. Fill in the application for a Rapid Scenario Evaluation
  2. Captario will get back to you within 24 hours to agree on scope and timeline
  3. Captario signs a CDA
  4. Customer sends existing project data e.g. in Excel
  5. Captario imports the customer data and builds the requested scenarios
  6. Customer meets Captario to see the results and make any adjustments
  7. Captario sends the full analysis to the Customer
  8. Captario securely deletes all data

Below are listed some example questions that can be answered with RSE:

Project level
-What are the impacts to study time and cost depending on how long the current situation remains and what actions can be taken?

-How long would the current situation need to remain before it becomes better to terminate the study and restart it at a later point?

Portfolio level
-How does the current situation affect the portfolio’s ability to meet targets and still keep within constraints?

-Are there ways to reprioritize parts of the portfolio to reduce the negative impact?

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