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Superior Program Design

Experience The Combined Power of Expertise And Simulation

Fully understanding the potential for your drug development product is imperative to making informed and optimal decisions throughout the developmental process. Relying on a strong clinical strategy but a weaker commercial strategy, or vice versa, can become troublesome as they are both essential to successfully bring a new pharmaceutical asset to market.


Powered by Captario SUM®, our professional services team provides you with a thorough understanding of all potential product risks, benefits, and uncertainties. Ultimately, you can focus on only the best decision for your individual asset, and rest assured that both your clinical and commercial strategy are designed in the most optimal way. Our experts will guide you through major challenges, such as:

Polarized organizational functions 

A multitude of options for your development paths

Interdependencies that make products hard to represent in static spreadsheet models

Our Approach


The Captario team holds a variety of essential competencies, including advanced statistics, applied mathematics, data analytics, and decision theory. 


Our experienced analysts will:


1. Guide you to superior decision-making


2. Assess how to deliver new medicines fast and cost-effectively


3. Determine the best path forward for your product or portfolio based on the output results from our informed analysis


Captario uses a three-phase process when analyzing your portfolio:

1. Align the problem and engagement to leverage Captario SUM®

2. Leverage the modeling and simulation capabilities of Captario SUM® 

3. Provide answers to your key questions with customized visualizations and outputs from Captario SUM®


Apply any desired level of modeling rigor fit for your specific questions:

1. Basic Modeling: Models reflect single point assumptions, simple ranges of inputs, and fixed time series of data

2. Expression-Based Modeling: Modeling practices based on expressions and interdependencies

3. Advanced Statistical Modeling: Application of advanced statistical principles from independent biostatistics experts


Clinical Strategy


Commercial Strategy

Download Case Studies

Evaluating Fast Track Opportunities

Showing an example of how to use quantitative analytics to evaluate potential fast track opportunities in early stage projects.

NDA Submission Strategy

Looking at the launch strategy for a compound targeted for multiple indications, considering parallel or sequential filing.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Impact

Exploring the downstream delay impacts on trial duration, launch timing, competitive positioning within the marketplace and NPV.

Model the Entire Product Lifecycle From Start to Finish

With Captario SUM® you can you model the whole drug development process, spanning all the way from early development phases to commercial launch strategies.

This provides a holistic overview of the entire process, can easily make changes in your model, simulate 'what if' scenarios, and analyze the downstream effects of any decision made during the development stages.

Captario's product strategy services for drug development will take your pharmaceutical product to the next level
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