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State-of-the-Art Technology For Drug Development

Portfolio management for drug development is no easy task. Whether your company’s drug is first—or fifth—to market hugely impacts your ability to reap market share. In order to maximize the value and efficacy of your portfolio, you need a deep understanding of factors like:

Portfolio risks, like time and cost 

'What-if’ scenarios and how to proceed

The order of
market entry


Real-Time Insights

There are monetary gains from working simultaneously across the entire company with the same information, the same shared knowledge, and the same data. Instead of individual efforts acting on siloed information, Captario SUM® allows for real-time updates of new data across all co-dependent departments, affording quick responses to changing circumstances and erasing the inefficacy of intra-company lag time.

Account for Uncertainty

By using ranges instead of point estimates, Captario SUM® helps you see a complete picture for making tough decisions with confidence. With our unique sandbox environment you can analyze all possible ‘what-if’ scenarios without affecting your baseline environment. When a better outcome is identified, a new baseline is created for optimized strategy


The Evolution of Drug Development

Extract of book

Our large pharma company with a robust clinical portfolio started seeing delays with no end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight and wanted to understand the impact on portfolio value and risk.


Customer Success

We care deeply about our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager along with a Technical Analyst, who are backed by our larger team of experts. We employ a white glove customer service approach. We take the time to understand your business so that we can deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.

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