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Transition to a Better System on Your Own Terms

Switching from one system to another can be difficult. It takes time and resources that often are better spent elsewhere. The most frequently cited reasons for not implementing new technology include:

We’re already on

another track 

Timing isn’t
quite right 

Seems like a lot
of pain for a little gain

The Captario Solution

Our goal is to make your system transition as smooth as possible; and we do this through various kinds of support efforts like dedicated customer success, live analyst support, on-demand trainings, and more. 

We meet you
where you are

No matter what systems you are used to or what you are currently doing, we’ll meet you where you are and provide you with your desired data outputs from day one. Our ability to accommodate current states helps you stay on track while moving your organization toward the future.

Keep doing
what you do

There is no best time to implement Captario SUM®. With our system integrations, our platform can run simultaneously with your existing state. So, you will still keep doing what you are already doing, while we help you evolve for a better end result.

A stepped approach
to success

We aim to make the process the least disrupstive as possible. By incorporating your current data, Captario SUM® can model and serve you with what you’re already familiar with, mitigating the struggle of learning a new system. Our stepped approach to use leaves you only the gains of time efficiency, asset & portfolio understanding, and a hands-on team supporting you in your transition.

Best-in-Class Customer Success

Our team of dedicated experts takes the time to understand your business so that we can implement and consistently deliver a solution that meets your unique needs. 

Your Business Has Always Been Our Business

Our team of experts includes data scientists and integrators, statisticians, strategists and communication specialists that have more than 200 years of combined experience within the pharma industry. Our team is always standing by to help you get the most out of Captario SUM®, including managing ongoing maintenance so there is no disruption in your experience. 

Latest Team Addition

Matthew Kokkonen

Director, Strategic Account Management

Untitled design.png

Hands-On Approach

While backed by the entire Captario team, every client is assigned a Key Account Manager (KAM) and a Technical Analyst, who are dedicated to tailoring our solution to your specific needs. Our hands-on approach to customer success addresses training, data integrations, communications, product evolutions, and change management as a collective effort to make your Captario SUM® experience a success. 

Captario SaaS Drug Development Software System Transition - Implementation
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