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Captario was founded on a mission to empower pharma with our proprietary SaaS-platform, Captario SUM® (Strategic Uncertainty Management), a purpose-built decision analytics tool developed by former pharma professionals who saw a need for proactive, faster, and informed business decisions.

Wherever you are in the development process, Captario can help.


Through the use of Captario SUM® tool, customers can model an end-to-end drug development cycle, account for developmental uncertainty, have access to real-time insights across functional silos, and run countless what-if simulations in a sandbox environment that enables superior decision-making.


Below I’ve gathered some of materials for you to learn more about the computational power of Captario SUM®. Let’s grab a quick virtual coffee and talk about how we can help you with your specific development needs!


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“Captario's ability to model strategic options and compare them in real-time is very powerful. The tool has helped us to generate exciting new opportunities and ideas about how we can optimize our development program and make ALZ-101 even more attractive to potential partners.”

– Kristina Torfgård, CEO

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Our white-glove approach to service delivery provides tailored support to each customer that can be limited to a single engagement or span as a long-term partnership.


Leverage Our Decision Platform – SUM®

  • Save time through efficient data management

  • Eliminate silos and sub-optimizations

  • Decision excellence across the entire company

The Captario proprietary SaaS-platform, SUM®, is an analytics tool based on cross-organizational real-time data, uncertainty management, dependency analysis, and iterative Monte Carlo simulations.


Be your own boss with SUM® and work simultaneously across the entire company with the same information with real-time updates to all company departments, allowing you to quickly respond to changing circumstances. Analyze all possible ‘what if’ scenarios in a unique sandbox environment without affecting your baseline environment, understand the cause and effect of all potential futures, and ensure that you are continuously optimizing your strategy with only the best decision for your specific questions.


Experience SUM® With Professional Services

  • Immediate Value Creation

  • Easy Engagement - High Rewards

  • The Power of Modern Decision-Making


Take advantage of our professional services team and let us help your team validate and answer complex questions spanning all the way from early developmental stages to commercial launch strategies. Powered by our own SaaS analytics platform, SUM®, we help you reach top results when analyzing your product or portfolio.


Reveal underlying risks in your project options, get an holistic end-to-end understanding of your full development cycle, receive clear actionable analytics for your specific development challenges, and find an optimized decision path forward.

Let Captario Help You Transition From:

Reactive to Proactive

Test your forecasts with ‘what- if’ scenario simulations and develop an action plan before an event even occurs.

Static to Dynamic Decision-Making

Upgrade from the static and siloed nature of disjointed data and leverage the power of real- time data, shifting information lead time from weeks to minutes.

Guesswork to Informed Estimation

Transform your strategy away from theoretical modeling and ‘wishful thinking’ to real-world, data-driven models that provide viable project outcomes.

Examples of What We Can Help Your Answer

Portfolio Strategy

  • What are the ranges of cost it will take, year over year, to progress the early versus portfolio? How many launches can we expect from today’s early portfolio over a given time horizon?

  • Can we achieve our long term goals (e.g. revenue, profitability, value creation) with our entire current portfolio and already launched products?

  • What is the necessary input of new projects from research and in-licensed over time, in order to fully deliver to long term goals and yet keep with

    budget constraints?

  • What development and commercialization resources are likely to be needed across the portfolio and when?

  • What projects are the key drivers of resource demand and cost? How can this be accounted for internally versus requiring outside contractors?

Clinical Strategy

  • What is the ideal study design to maximize project value?

  • How much uncertainty is there for our developing asset (e.g. cost, launch timing, value, etc.)?

  • How do different product profiles impact project value and launch probability?

  • How do clinical outcomes impact market potential (e.g. market share, pricing, competitive positioning?)

Commercial Strategy

  • How do different product profiles impact project launch timing / probability and key commercial metrics (e.g., sales profitability and value)?

  • How can we forecast different competitor launch scenarios that reflects our own launch timing uncertainty?

  • What is the impact of different pricing and market access scenarios?

  • What LCM expansion opportunities exist for a project and which should we pursue given specific constraints (e.g. budget constraints, managing revenue targets)?

  • How will follow-on indications cannibalize existing sales and what additional dependencies exist across indications?

Read a Case Study on the Power of Captario SUM®

Simulation-based Portfolio Forecasts

A case study on how simulations can elevate portfolio analysis.

Evaluating Fast Track Opportunities

A case study on how to use quantitative analytics to evaluate potential fast track opportunities.

Clinical Trial Recruitment Impact

A case study on the downstream impacts of clinical trial recruitment delays.

Quantitative Disease Area Strategy

A case study on how to use quantitative methods to influence or support disease area strategies.

NDA Submission Strategy

A case study on how to develop a launch strategy for a compound targeted for multiple indications.

COVID-19 Portfolio Delay Scenarios

A case study on how delays will impact portfolio value, launches, and sales.

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