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One Holistic System to Maintain Control Over Your Commercial Lifecycle –
From Clinical Development to Commercial Sales

With a high correlation to activities in R&D, planning of your market strategy is directly impacted when changes in the R&D forecasts shift. Constructing successful commercial strategies are often limited by:

Inefficiency due to lack

of real-time automation

Siloed vs. holistic


Inability to proactively


The Captario Solution

With Captario SUM®, commercial departments can better strategize with updated data, complete traceability over time, improved communication, and overall workflow efficiency.

Reduce data fragmentation

Increase data communication by dynamically capturing project data, and returning simulated results in real-time through decision trees, Gantt charts, P&Ls, and more. Captario SUM® acts as a communication hub for all teams to get an updated view of assets and portfolios, tracing and discussing changes, and, ultimately, creating a company-wide shared understanding across the development life cycle.

Work simultaneously, not separately

Our platform can integrate with your most common tools like Excel, project management, and financial systems providing you one, consistent, holistic view of your business. It can quickly and easily mimic any commercial sales, NPV forecasts, or scenario planning commonly constructed today. Being fully dynamic, Captario SUM® also enables you to share data collaboratively across the company and in real-time.

One holistic integrated system

Commercial model activities are dependent and impacted by any up-stream clinical development activities. Captario SUM® enables an instant cross-company snapshot of the current development predictions, and the system offers modeling tools and applications that ranges all the way from initial portfolio or asset models, models over clinical development, and can then further support diverse commercial sales planning activities including launch planning, L&A strategy development, resource planning and more.



Evaluating Fast Track Opportunities


Product strategies had to be developed for a number of oncology assets at different companies that all shared similar traits: All were in early clinical testing with little or no data, all could be granted fast track designation, and all had a complex and highly competitive market situation.


We used quantitative analytics to evaluate potential fast track opportunities. Using a dynamic sales model, we were able to run Monte-Carlo simulations to generate a large amount of outcomes representing different launch windows. Uncertainty was represented within the models by using ranges instead of single values.

Captario Commercial Planning & Strategy Services for Pharmaceutical Assets

Customer Success

We care deeply about our clients. Every client is assigned a dedicated Key Account Manager along with a Technical Analyst, who are backed by our larger team of experts. Our hands-on approach to customer service means that we take the time to understand your business so that we can deliver a solution that meets your unique needs.

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