Captario Announces the Release of Captario SUM™ 3.0 Beta

Captario Announces the Release of Captario SUM™ 3.0 Beta, A Revolutionary Decision-Making Platform for Drug Development


Building further on Captario´s established modeling and simulation SaaS platform, this release introduces strict reporting functionality, version history and portfolio forecasting. The release also provides a unique sandbox environment, where drug development teams can test different options and easily evaluate what-if scenarios for both projects and portfolios. These capabilities allow decision makers to find answers in minutes, limit risk and make the most of every asset.


“When the traditional approach has been to create layers of add-ons and several different programs on top of each other, we have taken another route. With this release of Captario SUM we've created the One Seamless Solution to cater for the needs of both project and portfolio decision making.”

Johannes Vänngård, CEO Captario


Captario SUM™ 3.0 Beta features:


  • Portfolio Optimization

Advanced selection algorithm provides the best options for a portfolio based on constraints such as project dependencies and acceptable risk related to value and cost.

  • Native Modeling and Simulation

State-of-the-art modeling capability that enables users to graphically represent entire product life cycles. Millions of simulations across multiple projects and portfolios are run in minutes.

  • Track & Report

Out-of-the-box functionality fully covers the maintenance of a development portfolio over time. Project teams provide forecasts through responsive user forms while top executives follow projected business outcomes in dashboards.

  • Innovate & Design of Portfolios

Sandbox environment enables portfolio teams to explore possible futures. Decision options are easily analyzed, what-if questions are quickly answered, and unique optimization algorithms highlight ideal project selections.

  • Innovate & Design of Projects

Sandbox environment allows project teams to explore alternative strategies for how to develop a drug and bring it to market. The dynamic nature of Captario SUM enables rapid prototyping to find the best way forward for the project.


Captario SUM™ provides companies with the ability to optimize the decision-making process which allows business objectives to be met through dynamic and optimal management of cost, time and risk.


Captario SUM™ is currently used by numerous drug companies throughout the United States, Europe and Asia.


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Company information:

Captario SUM™ is a SaaS based decision analytics platform developed by pharma industry experts. Based on visual project modeling, cloud-based simulation and integrated project and portfolio capabilities in one seamless solution, Captario SUM™ will provide fast answers and ability to evaluate a vast magnitude of different options.


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