Captario Secures Funding

Captario was founded in 2012, committed to making a true difference in the pharmaceutical industry. Since then Captario has built a ground-breaking technology that supports the design and decisions in drug development at both a project and portfolio level. Captario has recently closed the first round of funding, led by AlmiInvest, a venture capitalist owned by the Swedish government, together with three business angels; Lars-Erik Olsson (CEO of Advecto AB), Martin Svensson (CEO of Corebridge AB), Lars-Göran Andersson (CEO of Circus Future AB).


“The investment enables Captario to further act in the global market of pharmaceuticals. Captario’s presence in Basel, Switzerland and Silicon Valley, USA brings us closer to our customers”, says Johannes Vänngård, CEO of Captario AB. “In addition, our new owners add both business knowledge and valuable experience to the company.”


”Almi Invest considers Captario a very exciting, young Swedish company with a seemingly perfect positioning and timing. Captario has an attractive and unique offer, targeted towards a market with substantial buying power and a need for this service. Furthermore, Captario has an experienced and complementary team”, says Christian Björkman, Investment manager at Almi Invest.


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