Bringing Cloud Technology to Drug Development

Captario is a company with a mission: to make a difference in the pharmaceutical industry through a game-changing simulation tool for decision-making in drug projects and portfolios. Founded in 2012 by a team from big pharma, Captario currently has 15 employees in offices in Basel and Gothenburg and the company is growing.


The process of drug development involves many critical decisions, from the choice of indication, through the timing and scope of the different development phases, to when and where to launch. There can be hundreds of strategic decisions to be made during development of a drug for a single indication and it becomes even more complex when you consider multiple indications, or the fit with a portfolio of drug projects, as Johannes Vänngård, CEO, explained:

"Companies have to consider the amount of time and money to be spent in early phase of development. Longer and more thorough studies mean less risk when entering late phase development, but shorter studies on the other hand can increase speed to market, beating competition and affecting the price and market share. Similarly, the order in which different indications are developed could impact the time to the first launch or the pricing strategy. Answering these questions requires an understanding of decision effects throughout the drug's entire lifecycle, to patent expiry and beyond."


Vänngård and many of his colleagues have a background from big pharma where they experienced the need for a shared and holistic view of a drug project, where different strategic options can be designed and analysed during development.
"Large pharmaceutical companies are often organized in silos, and it can be hard to change the mindset and get different groups to work together. Our simulation tool provides a completely integrated view of development", said Vänngård.


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